SLIMEX 15MG (30tab)

  • SLIMEX 15MG (30tab)

SLIMEX 15MG (30tab)

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Slimex 15mg is a medicine which is designed for effective and safe weight loss process. It has helped to return the confidence to man

Feature product
Active ingredient Sibutramine
Average Dosage 15mg/day (1tab)
Content 15mg
Main application For Obesity

Made by Signature Pharmaceuticals

Signature Pharmaceuticals Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a public drug stores and proprietary store founded in 1991. With four employees, the company is around the same size as the average drug stores and proprietary store. See all Companies and Organisations Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a drug stores and proprietary store in Auckland. The organisation is located at Level 4, 5-7 Kingdon Street. This public company was founded...


Slimex 15mg Description

Guaranteed significant weight loss with unique ingredient inside Slimex 15mg capsules!

Slimex 15mg is a medicine which is designed for effective and safe weight loss process. It has helped to return the confidence to many obese patients whose lives was disturbed or endangered by weight issues. This drug is very famous in the world of medicinal products as its effectiveness is also in top class of this field. If you have tried so hard to control your weight but still not satisfied, Slimex 15mg is your savior.


Each capsule of Slimex 15mg contains: 15mg Sibutramine.


Unlike the old method of traditional appetite suppressants, Slimex works by reforming and adjusting the level of serotonin and noradrenaline – two brain chemicals affecting appetite and mood of the body. By controlling these two chemicals, Slimex can regulate the amount of energy and food intake and output.

The effect of Slimex focuses on positions which easily accumulate fat, such as waist or belly. It will result in effectively burning excess fat cells, inhibiting appetite, improving digestion and also supporting the blood sugar regulation.

You will be able to enjoy the impressive weight loss when using Slimex 15mg in combination with workouts and a reduced calorie diet. Slimex is produced using a new technology which ensures the gradual absorbance so that the body can absorb all ingredients. This allows you to get maximum result and prevents the ugly fat to comeback!

Chemical name: N-1-(1-(4-chlorophenyl)cyclobutyl)-3-methylbutyl-N,N-dimethylamine HCl.

Side Effects of Slimex 15mg

It is not recommended to use Slimex 15mg for:

  • People who have allergy to any substance of the drug.
  • People who are suffering from bulimia or anorexia.
  • People who have overall cardiovascular system disorder.
  • People with mental disabilities.
  • Pregnant women.

If you are one of those cases, do not try Slimex. Otherwise, you may meet the most common side effects, such as headache, troubles with bowel movement, fast or uneven heartbeat, feeling to vomit or fainting.


The usual dosage of Slimex for adults is one 15mg capsule at the same time each day. Slimex can be taken with a glass of water and with or without food.

You should take Slimex in the morning, unless your doctor directs otherwise.

The capsule is marked clearly to help you keep track of the schedule. When starting a new tray, you should begin with the one marked "Begin with this capsule". Then keep following the schedule on the next day with the one noted correspondingly with that day of the week.

If you missed a dose, continue by taking one capsule the following day and keep the schedule. Never take double dose at once.

Where can you by Slimex 15mg?

With Slimex 15mg, you can really get an nice-shaped and healthy body that you always dream of! Don’t let those ugly fat cells disturb you with obesity. You can find Slimex 15mg available to order in our website with the guaranteed quality. For shipping and delivery, we provide an only 3-5 day delivery process in Austria, Switzerland and Germany!

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